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The Dark Side Of Cardiology And EECP

This article originally appeared Nov. 19. 2019 on Window To News authored by S. Ramasamy, Ph.D. (Cardio), FACC (USA), FCCP (USA); Research Fellow Chettinad Academy of Health, Director of Heal Your Heart EECP centre A new study shows Bypass Surgery

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What Is The Sara Soulati EECP Method?

The Sara Soulati EECP Method is one of the five elements in the Sara Soulati Health for Life Program. What Is EECP? EECP is a circulatory therapy that repairs and rejuvenates all organs in the body. Invented at Harvard in

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Sara Soulati Suggests Alkaline pH For Best Body Health

Sara Soulati is inventor of the patent-pending Sara Soulati Health for Life program, a lifestyle modification and disease prevention and reversal program. She has been educating people about appropriate plant-based nutrition throughout her life, and in her program she shares

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Celebrity Bill Paxton Died After Open-Heart Surgery- Sara Soulati

Bill Paxton, an American celebrity and actor, unexpectedly died from a stroke directly following complications from open-heart surgery. He passed February 25, 2017, a day before the Oscar’s at a very young age. He wrote his director in an email

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Water Is The Magic Elixir

ALT="Water Tips, Sara Soulati Health for Life Program"

Water is the magic elixir. Have you ever heard that? Everyone should drink more water than any other beverage, but they don’t. Too many of us drink sugary soda, juices that are not natural and also full of sugar, coffee

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CEO Sara Soulati Aligns EECP With Lifestyle Medicine

CEO Sara Soulati is a pioneer in EECP since 1996. She is a thought leader on its practice, and she has trained the leading physicians in its delivery. Longer than anyone else in the world, Sara Soulati, founder and CEO

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