Sports Enhancement

I am the first EECP professional in the U.S. to develop a sports protocol for elite athletes. Since I have been working in the field of EECP since the 1990s, I have become a leader in how EECP affects sports recovery, research about the therapy and its treatment. In 1997, with the help of Clive Brewster, I teamed up with the well-respected HealthSouth sports rehabilitation facility in Los Angeles, California.

My work was oriented to understanding the effects of EECP on the elite athlete. I continued in full force with the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Team under direction of Head Coach John Smith. We studied speed, recovery time and removal of lactic acid in the legs of these Olympian athletes.

Essentially, I was the first to research and pioneer the use of EECP in the sports industry.

Moving forward, I continued my quest to uncover the effects of EECP on sports enhancement. I conducted further research in 2001 with the Los Angeles Avengers Arena Football team. We studied girth, range of motion, post-injury recovery and post-operative recovery with my sports enhancement protocol featuring EECP.

My work with the Los Angeles Avengers led to a medical paper written with Franklin Murphy, MD and cardiologist with UCLA on the results of research in the field. The paper, written in 2001, was titled, “EECP for Treatment of Exercise Fatigue and Traumatic Sports Injury.”

Professional Sports Teams

Along the way, I have continued working privately with professional athletes from the National Basketball Association, National Football League, National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, and professional boxing.

In 2004, I marked a historical first for a professional sports team.  The Miami Heat bought a bed and successfully used my EECP sports protocol with its professional athletes. That year, The Miami Heat won their first NBA championship in many years.

Sara Soulati EECP Sports Protocol

During EECP, athletes experience massive, passive cardiovascular workout while the heart is at rest. EECP increases circulation and decreases workload to the heart resulting in increased energy levels. What also happens is enhanced performance without putting stress on the heart or the body.

Many professional athletes say that EECP therapy provides as much as six times the amount of exercise benefit per hour of treatment than any other form of tolerated physical exercise.


My results showed that EECP:

  • Improves overall cardiovascular fitness
  • Increases energy massively
  • Reduces fatigue and reduces lactic acid
  • Decreases recovery time between workouts
  • Helps reduce risk of injury in athletes
  • Naturally enhances endurance and stamina from the rigors of training

For these reasons and more, EECP gives the professional athlete a winning edge.


Here is a list of elite athletes and sports teams who have benefited using my EECP Method.

  • John Salley
  • Los Angeles Avengers
  • Carl Lewis
  • Quincy Watts
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Leila Ali
  • US Olympics Track & Field Team
  • Maurice Green
  • Rampage UFC
  • Shaquille O’ Neal
  • Otto Bolden
  • Sugar Shane Mosley
  • The Miami Heat
  • Karl Malone
  • Lamon Brewster