Sara’s Story

ALT="CEO Sara Soulati, Global Cardio Care"As we mature, we look back. As I look back fondly on the foundation of my youth, I have my family to thank with deep gratitude. Looking ahead, I will always know the deep roots of culture, spirituality, love and support have made me the business woman I am today.

Here’s more on who I am and where I’m from:

Sara Soulati Story

I dedicate my life’s mission and spiritual foundation that is my philosophical basis to my parents, Fraidoun and Golshanak Soulati, for their unwavering support and belief in my abilities. To them, and others who’ve supported me thus far, I express my sincere gratitude.

My story begins in my native country of Iran, in the beautiful city of wine, roses and poets, Shiraz, where the Persian kings ruled and the ruins of Persepolis dot the historical landscape. In the 1920s, in the northern regions of Iran near the border of Azerbaijan, my grandfather, Najafgoli Soulati, was an aspiring surgeon. He founded Soulati Hospital to which Kurds, Turks and Persians alike came to be treated by the only medical doctor within kilometers. Today, my dad, Fraidoun Soulati, MD, is in charge of Soulati Hospital in Iran as chief surgeon and medical director. Under his auspices, our family hospital grew to three-times its original size.

My destiny would be medicine. Little did I know that I would not practice from the physician or nursing perspective; rather, I would attempt to challenge the medical establishment to allow a therapeutic technology to become a first treatment option prior to invasive cardiac procedures.

When I was nine-years-old, my family immigrated to Southern California from London and made Newport Beach home. We accompanied the many Iranians who fled the turmoil of the 1970s. My parent’s selfless sacrifice to give me the opportunity to grow is something for which I am most grateful. Periodic visits by my dad kept the dream alive that one day our family would be re-united.

As I matured from childhood to adulthood, one theme has threaded my growth – that of nurturing, support, caring and giving. From the tender age of four-years-old, my family learned I would rather give than receive. A gift from my parents of a European wooden doll house with brass, silk and wooden adornments was quickly taken apart piece by piece and bestowed on my pre-school friends. When the principal phoned to complain there were not enough pieces for the whole school (after the fighting began), my parents were surprised at the news.

Thus began my pattern of giving.

Working as an early childhood caregiver at the neighborhood pre-school, I saw children’s need for attention and care in spite of the love and affection they received at home. This resonated within me; my nurturing abilities did not stop with youth, they continued to the elderly who also are in deep need of health-wise care giving.

These personal and spiritual gifts I deliver every day in ways I translate into caring service. Nurturing begets service in business which leads to healing unhealthy hearts. I am guided with a deep-rooted passion for peoples’ well being. My strength of spirituality is from the teachings of Zarathustra, the Persian. It is said he lived 500 years before the birth of Christ. Zarathustra is credited with founding Zoroastrianism, the ancient Persian religion that teaches three principles – good reflection, good word and good deed.

Anyone I meet knows my philosophy about food as the root of sickness or health. As a devout vegan since 19 years-old, I know firsthand how food can cure. I seek that cure for everyone with a heart.

My teachings continued in nursing school when I worked at one point in the emergency room. For the repeat patients I met there, I copied and shared information about better lifestyle choices relating to food and health. The doctors politely informed me we worked in a trauma unit and not school. And, I preached to my friends at each dinner hoping that change would come bearing gifts of health to them on their path to greater longevity.

Then I was introduced to the power of Enhanced External Counterpulsation, I started to create The Sara Soulati Health For Life Program, a program to health change the lifestyle factors that we effecting the disease that my clients where suffering from. My clients became my teachers while I was treating them for 35 hours of EECP, I got to see and learn what was the causing their Angina (chest pain), High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and other Cardiovascular issues. It prompted the merging of my personal philosophy with my professional and business future.

·         Educate everyone with a heart about risk factors, disease prevention and healthier living.

·         Empower people to make the right choice to live a healthy life.

·         Provide a place for people to practice health every day and offer a lifestyle program everyone can follow with EECP® at its core.

·         Provide caring, love and support by mentoring people when they engage in my lifestyle programs.

·         Give Instant feedback to help bring attention and focus on the lifestyle factors causing health imbalance.

·         Create responsibility, accountability and power to change your lifestyle to prevent and reverse cardiovascular disease.

·         Help build self-esteem and strong self-discipline relating to eating the right foods.

I embraced EECP and The Sara Soulati health For Life Program as the answer to tomorrow’s medicine. When I formed my first company, Global Cardio Care, Inc., I located in an urban setting so under-served people could receive support to take control of their personal health. I knew my nurturing abilities and service philosophy from my heart would heal their hearts.

Pioneering EECP

In 1996, I was introduced to the power of EECP. When no one in the U.S. had heard about it and Stony Brook University in New York was the only EECP research facility in the country, I immersed in the study and practice of EECP technology in Southern California. This fledgling health care field was exactly where I needed to be – a non-invasive treatment without side effects, a safe treatment and without medication.

I began working at EECP West Inc. in Southern California; the first and only EECP clinic in the U.S. other than Stony Brook University in New York. While at EECP West, I received many referrals from Dr. Whittaker, of Whittaker Wellness Institute.

The people I met at EECP West were very ill; at the end stage of life, suffering from all different kinds of disease with no further medical options. It did not take long for me to see that money afforded medical care. For every privileged person who could afford accommodations and cash payments for EECP, there were hundreds of under-privileged people who were dying without the chance to receive EECP treatment.

In 1998 I worked with Vasomedical (the company that owns the registered trademark for EECP) selling the technology to physicians. I sold one of the first machines in Southern California to Pritikin Wellness Institute. I pushed physicians to buy in to the treatment so that people in Southern California would have a place to go to receive EECP treatment. I wanted to cultivate positive stories about EECP to help create a groundswell in support of the treatment among physicians.

Disease prevention, illness prevention, healthier lifestyle and longevity.
By empowering people to listen to their bodies, understand risk factors, change lifestyle with plant-based living and more exercise, get introduced to EECP, and regularly conduct simple screenings, I could empower people to control their health destiny and find a cure for cardiovascular disease and many other illnesses.

My personal journey has become my professional mission. I want everyone with a heart to know that EECP therapy and The Sara Soulati Health For Health Program are tools we have to help prevent and reverse cardiovascular disease. I want lifestyles prevention programs and EECP clinics available on every street corner and in wellness clinics and medical spas. I want to build healthy communities with smart homes, green living, organic products along with exercise, nutrition and disease prevention at the core.

Franchise Operations

I met a wealthy entrepreneur and together they co-founded a cardiology practice in Southern California, called Cardiac Renewal Centers of America.

While there, I directed clinical operations for 10 EECP franchises within a 45-mile geography in Southern California. My work at Cardiac Renewal as both manager and trainer included the education of both cardiologists and patients about the power of EECP to improve lifestyle.

It was during this time when I confirmed the importance of simple lifestyle education messages to everyone with a heart regardless of ethnicity, gender, age or affluence. I also saw that while they were delivering care at the EECP centers, the missing link was a community-wide support center for people to visit and improve health every day.

I knew I had to put into action The Sara Soulati Health For Life Program for people to receive daily care and encouragement to make better lifestyle decisions that would contribute to long-term health.

Personally empowered health care is missing from today’s medical environment. My commitment is to prevent disease by empowering people with education and EECP.

In 2003, the pieces of the puzzle began to click. I was always combing the power of EECP treatment for anyone with a heart, healthier lifestyle messages along with a place to practice health every day. I developed the Sara Soulati Health For Life Program that puts a personal care physician and qualified EECP therapists in front of people every day for 35 days and longer.

I helped the physician practice implement a holistic and total approach to health care. This one-to-one attention complemented by complete monitoring of vital signs, weight, blood flow and more, is a one-of-a-kind program. Daily monitoring and assessment allow qualified therapists to bring real hope delivered with love and kindness to actively manage patients’ activity for as long as they are enrolled in the program.

At Global Cardio Care Centers, people receive one-to-one attention and react positively. An organization cares enough to help them, educate them and prepare them to improve life. Patients quickly become aware that no physician ever spends a total of 35 hours over a lifetime; the technicians and personal care physicians at Global Cardio Care Centers do it with a loving caring heart.