Sara Soulati Companies

Global Cardio Care®, Inc.

gcc-logo-thirdALT="Global Cardio Care West Los Angeles"In 2002, Sara launched Global Cardio Care®, Inc., in the heart of Inglewood/Los Angeles to bring EECP to everyone with a heart. This community clinic was established to provide under-privileged people with direct access to alternative cardiovascular therapy and education about lifestyle modification to prevent, fight and reverse cardiovascular disease. When people visit the center, they enroll in the patent-pending Sara Soulati® Health For Life™ Program.

Global Cardio Care manages physician practices that deliver FDA-approved EECP. The physician practice, Global Cardio Care Centers, is the largest EECP clinic in the world with 22 EECP treatment beds.

At Global Cardio Care Centers, more than 30,000 treatment hours of EECP are delivered annually. In the heart of the African-American community, Sara has created a central location for people to practice health every day.

About Global Cardio Care West Los Angeles

Global Cardio Care West Los Angeles opened August 2012 in Santa Monica with nine EECP treatment beds. Clients who visit this new center will be positively influenced by the power of EECP when combined with the patent-pending Sara Soulati Health For Life Program. This dynamic combination delivers a solution to disease prevention, anti-aging, rejuvenation, enhanced quality of life, and a reduction in inflammatory diseases. From head to toe, EECP has been known to positively affect all areas and organs in the body that depend on healthy arteries and improved circulation.

This physician practice managed by Ronald S. Weaver, MD, provides complementary health care for people interested in disease prevention and reduction of cardiovascular disease risk factors. Dr. Weaver’s practice includes physicians and trained EECP technicians who coach clients about exercise and nutrition.

GCC Imaging, LLC

GCCI Logo-thirdGCC Imaging, LLC is an independent diagnostic testing facility and accredited laboratory for simple cardiovascular screenings and diagnostics. As Sara’s quest to introduce EECP to everyone continued, she recognized the need in the African-American community for simple screenings and diagnostic testing in one facility. GCC Imaging is part of her Screen-Educate-Treat philosophy, called S.E.T. Give people the opportunity to address their body’s risk factors, learn what the numbers mean and enroll in a program to help educate them about living a healthier, longer life.

Soulati Real Estate

realestate-logo-thirdSoulati Real Estate was launched to help build better healthier communities and identify urban settings nationwide in which EECP centers can be introduced.

Winning Edge Technologies

image003Winning Edge Technologies delivers EECP technology to elite athletes to help in training and recovery from sports injury based on Sara’s innovation. Early on in Sara’s education about EECP, she began working with the U.S. Olympic Sprint Team. She sold the technology to Shaquille O’Neal and the Miami Heat. She introduced EECP to Laila Ali, Quincy Watts (two-time Olympic Gold Medalist) and Lamon Brewster (U.S. Heavyweight Boxing Champion). Each of them incorporated EECP into their training. She tested the power of EECP on elite athletes and learned of its positive benefit on performance, healing and recovery from injury. Winning Edge Technologies targets professional and college sports teams. Sara is the first and only person to develop a sports protocol for professional athletes based on non-scientific studies and anecdotal information from the athletes themselves. Sara is the only person to sell EECP technology to elite athletes.