EECP Is Enhanced External Counterpulsation

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EECP is the abbreviation for Enhanced External Counterpulsation. Vasomedical owns the registered trademark for EECP, and Sara Soulati is the leading authority in its practice since 1996.

Over the years, she has learned more about the mechanics of EECP as it relates to human physiology than any other provider of the therapy. With expertise in bio anthropology, Sara Soulati assesses how EECP works for people with cardiovascular disease as well as those seeking to prevent cardiovascular disease.

EECP works, but, EECP works better with the Sara Soulati Health for Life Program. This lifestyle modification and disease prevention program is about reversing cardiovascular disease with vegan/plant-based nutrition combined with the EECP therapy.

When people alter their lifestyle to eliminate flesh and animal byproducts, they reduce cholesterol in their diet that leads to clogged arteries. The mechanism of EECP produces VEGF — vascular endothelial growth factor, a hormone that secretes into the arteries during EECP to keep the arteries supple and elastic.

About EECP

People with hardening of the arteries have a condition created by plaque buildup, and without help, the arteries become blocked.

EECP is a NaturalBypass (this is also a registered trademark owned by Vasomedical, Inc.) which means the pulsation of the blood-pressure type cuffs causes oxygenated blood to re-vascularize or circulate throughout the body’s arterial system and all organs. EECP helps formation of new collaterals for blood to flow around blockages. This is called angiogenesis. Clinical trials prove that EECP promotes angiogenesis. The collaterals that form due to shear stress and the squeezing mechanism of EECP are similar to a natural bypass.

When your body is on the machine, a non-invasive, FDA-cleared technology, EECP acts as a second heart pumping while yours is at rest. People with a variety of cardiovascular illness come to Global Cardio Care Centers for EECP therapy and the Sara Soulati Health for Life Program. They have symptoms of stroke, diabetes, angina pectoris, vascular disease, peripheral vascular disease, coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure, and so much more.

When Sara Soulati helps people understand that cardiovascular disease is a lifestyle illness, then they begin to slowly adjust their nutrition and begin to take control of their future health with EECP.

EECP is a lifestyle program, too. Sara Soulati recommends that people come in for EECP consistently. There is a gentleman who is 100-years-old who is still getting EECP therapy at Global Cardio Care Centers.

Why don’t you give it a try? You can schedule your free session using the contact form on this site. Or, you may call 310-412-8181 or 310-473-3030.

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