CEO Sara Soulati Welcomes Tommy Lasorda To Global Cardio Care

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CEO Sara Soulati welcomes Los Angeles Dodgers’ great Tommy Lasorda to Global Cardio Care.

CEO Sara Soulati has had a lengthy career welcoming many celebrities who walk in the front door or the backdoor to get her healing touch via the Sara Soulati Health for Life Program at Global Cardio Care Centers and Global Cardio Care–West Los Angeles.

This week, she welcomed Tommy Lasorda, one of the greatest names and faces in baseball with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Mr. Lasorda has been with the organization for more than 60 years, either as a player or manager.

According to the National Baseball Hall of Fame website, “Lasorda, who managed the Los Angeles Dodgers from 1976-1996, was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1997 by the Veterans Committee following a career where he won 1,599 games, two World Series and two more National League pennants – all with the Dodgers.”

Mr. Lasorda was born Sept. 22, 1927 in Norristown, Pa., and he started a pro-baseball career at 18 as a southpaw pitcher when he signed with the Phillies in 1945. He joined the military for two years, and upon his return, baseball was the only future ahead of him.

“By 1978, Mr. Lasorda had led the Dodgers to two straight National League championships, and became the first NL manager to win pennants in their first two seasons. After losing to the Yankees in both the 1977 and 1978 World Series, the Dodgers went on to win the World Series over the Yankees in 1981. They defeated the A’s in 1988 to give Lasorda his second World Series title,” according to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

The Sara Soulati Health for Life Program

Sara Soulati is CEO and President of Global Cardio Care, Inc. since 2002. She invented the patent-pending Sara Soulati Health for Life Program as a lifestyle modification and disease prevention program. When guests, such as Tommy Lasorda, visit and enroll in her program, Sara becomes familiar with vital signs, talks about daily nutrition and discusses the importance of exercise.

Mr. Lasorda has enrolled in the Sara Soulati Health for Life Program, and he is getting Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) as part of Sara’s program. She is teaching him about the importance of vegan nutrition and exercise while also sharing instant feedback about the effects of improper foods on cardiovascular health.

During his first session, Mr. Lasorda suggested to Sara Soulati, “There are three types of people — people who make it happen, people who watch someone else make it happen, and people who think about making it happen. You, Sara, are one of those who make it happen. You make it happen for others who want to feel better.”

The Sara Soulati Health for Life Program is part of a 35-hour daily program with EECP. While a guest receives the EECP therapy, a lifestyle coach discusses the daily lesson, reviews nutrition and exercise guidelines, talks about the previous day’s menu and its effect on blood pressure, heart rate, sugar, and cholesterol.

Throughout the program, guests are educated about understanding cardiovascular disease and that it is a preventable, lifestyle illness. Via ‘Sara Says,’ a 35-hour audiotape and handout library, guests become better educated about appropriate nutrition and inappropriate foods for a vegan diet.

Sara Soulati EECP And Sports

When Sara Soulati began her career in 1996 in the field of EECP, she started research very early with the effects of EECP on elite athletes. Her studies included sports recovery and enhancement with EECP that led to development of a proprietary sports protocol that proved EECP was effective in sports enhancement.

Her relationship with professional sports teams and celebrity athletes the likes of Laila Ali, Sugar Shane Mosley, Shaquille O’Neal, and the U.S. Olympic Sprint Team, Los Angeles Avengers, Los Angeles Dodgers, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, and others has paved the way for her current studies on EECP mechanics with extreme athletes and athletes in training.

Get a Private Session with Sara Soulati

Many celebrities who want to remain anonymous schedule sessions with Sara Soulati to receive the Sara Soulati Health for Life Program with EECP and her lifestyle health coaching.

To schedule your complimentary session, please call 310-473-3030.


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