CEO Sara Soulati Remembers Franklin L. Murphy, MD

ALT="CEO Sara Soulati Method of EECP"Sara Soulati is my name, and no one journeys alone through life. There are always family, friends, partners, mentors, and business associates to join in and navigate the obstacles we greet each day.

On my journey, there are so many people to thank and appreciate. Those who most matter most to me are those not here living and breathing alongside me. I truly miss them because my journey has been completely full of many obstacles we’ve had to get around to become who we are today.

My team and I just put out a new video, and I’ll show it to you soon, but before I do, I must remember my colleague, partner, friend, physician, and so much more.

Franklin L. Murphy, MD, FACC

Dr. Franklin L. Murphy, clinical professor of medicine, UCLA School of Medicine, and I teamed up many, many years ago before I launched Global Cardio Care in 2002. In the ’90s, we worked side by side to educate other doctors about the benefits of EECP. We both knew this was the technology needed to solve heart disease, to reverse cardiovascular disease, and to heal hearts with lifestyle modification and EECP.

He and I were in the car, up and down the interstate between Los Angeles and San Diego and everywhere in between. We drove for hours, sat in traffic longer than we drove, and stood in front of students, medical professionals, physicians and patients to teach about this little-known therapy called EECP.

When I opened Global Cardio Care, Dr. Murphy was there with me. He was our cardiologist, he treated patients, he screened them for heart disease, and he knew that the benefits of EECP had to be shared with each patient one heart at a time.

To have someone I cherished join me on my journey touches my heart. We were pioneers together, we trekked up and down the state to shout the news about EECP and encourage others to get on the bed. His credentials spoke loudly. He knew that EECP was the answer.

Franklin L. Murphy, MD Video on EECP

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