CEO Sara Soulati Aligns EECP With Lifestyle Medicine

ALT="Sara Soulati Health for Life Program, lifestyle medicine"CEO Sara Soulati is a pioneer in EECP since 1996. She is a thought leader on its practice, and she has trained the leading physicians in its delivery. Longer than anyone else in the world, Sara Soulati, founder and CEO of Global Cardio Care, Inc., has been practicing lifestyle medicine with EECP. The field of lifestyle medicine is nascent; EECP is a best-kept secret, but that has not stopped Sara Soulati from developing her authority by studying the impact of plant-based nutrition with EECP to impact disease.

Those who are in the field of lifestyle medicine are interested in human behavior and using foods, activity, mental health, sleep, and other lifestyle factors to determine how these influence disease. Sara Soulati is no different. She has been

The Sara Soulati Health For Life Program

In 1996, Sara Soulati began to develop her lifestyle medicine program, Sara Soulati Health for Life. She put her academic training to good use from the science of applied medical anthropology and assessed how human behavior reacted with EECP, enhanced external counterpulsation.

Because Sara has been a devout vegan since 19-years-old, she has studied the impact poor nutrition has on disease. People who consumer animal flesh daily as part of their nutrition are susceptible to inflammation and intestinal discomfort with challenging digestion.

Those who prefer a diet rich in carbohydrates, fats, grease and empty calories are susceptible to clogged arteries. People who enjoy high sodium diets retain water and are bloated and puffy with poor circulation.

Sara’s program provides instant feedback in real time for people experiencing the Sara Soulati EECP Method. When you visit Global Cardio Care Centers, the lifestyle coaches practice the Sara Soulati EECP Method. They stand at patient bedside for one hour daily and discuss foods, nutrition choices, exercise, relaxation, hydration, and more. They give the client instant feedback in real time about their lifestyle choices and encourage them with support and health coaching to make positive changes that will also influence prevention of disease and reverse cardiovascular disease.

What Is EECP?

When guests visit Global Cardio Care Centers, they lie on a comfortable bed. Three blood-pressure type cuffs wrap about legs, thighs and buttocks. When the heart beats, the cuffs deflate; when the heart is at rest, the cuffs inflate in rapid sequence. Essentially, the cuffs are pumping like a second heart, squeezing the blood upwards into the heart like a second heart working in the body.

This mechanism enhances circulation, reduces inflammation, improves lactic acid build up, and when done repetitively over time aids in the repair and rejuvenation of all organs.

EECP has been clinically proven to influence angiogenesis — the formation of new collaterals for blood to bypass blocked arteries naturally. Each individual has the ability for this to happen, and EECP helps with that collateral formation.

The Sara Soulati program is a lifestyle medicine program. People are educated the first time about nutrition and its impact on reversing disease. People are encouraged to get screened early and often for cardiovascular risk factors like cholesterol, sugars and blood pressure.

The benefits are many for people suffering from cardiovascular disease. There are many patient stories that Global Cardio Care has collected and many of these are about people not having open-heart surgery but electing to have the Sara Soulati Health for Life Program instead.

Patient Story About EECP

This video shares a story by a client who has suffered from hypertension for 19 years. She has been on blood pressure meds for that long, and this is her story about the Sara Soulati Health for Life Program.




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