About Sara Soulati

ALT="CEO Sara Soulati, Global Cardio Care, EECP Authority"ALT="Sara Soulat, Sara Soulati Health for Life Programi"Have you ever wondered whether your chosen career just needed a bit of adjustment to find your true passion? When I look back on my early education, it’s what I did — added twists and turns to my learnings to satisfy my curiosity for prevention of cardiovascular disease. Of course, back then I didn’t know I was on that path; today I know full well. Here’s my story about my earlier days to reach fulfillment.

Sara Soulati Background

My early education encompassed the study of cultural anthropology and biology. Using myself to test personal theories, I began to experiment on how food affected my physiology, which side effects were caused by stress, how exercise gave me clarity or how long I could be alert with lack of sleep. While in college, I worked in a hospital’s critical care telemetry unit assisting patients following open-heart surgery and applied this knowledge to the emergency room. While in the ER, I educated people about why their blood pressure was off the charts (eating canned soup) or why their arteries were blocked with cholesterol (lack of exercise, improper nutrition). I copied pages from books and quietly shared the information with patients.

After two years in nursing education and two years studying to become a physician’s assistant, I knew I was in the wrong field of medicine. I had a strong need to educate people and empower them with information to better control their personal health destiny.

I continued my education to encompass a broader reach – the study of culture, anatomy, physiology, anthropology and biology. During my work to achieve a Bachelor of Arts in medical anthropology and minor in biology from California State University, Long Beach, my personal thoughts were validated. I learned that Homo sapiens were destined to live a plant-based life.

I began to see the dichotomy between foods and disease. Corn was a staple of the Aztec Indians, and since that time, carbohydrates like corn and white flour have contributed to an epidemic of diabetes. When I studied other cultures with high blood pressure, I looked at diets laden with flesh and carbohydrates. The cultural connection to disease begins with food, and no one was being taught a prevention or nutrition message.

As a devout vegan since 19-years-old, my own lifestyle was confirmed — the underpinnings of disease are rooted in poor nutrition, little exercise and excessive stress.

ALT="EECP Authority Sara Soulati, EECP Treatment"Mission. Vision. Values.


My mission is clear: I want to save lives by preventing and reversing cardiovascular disease.

I created the patent-pending Sara Soulati® Health For Life Program™ which is a proven lifestyle prevention and reversal of cardiovascular disease program, focusing on five elements:

  • EECP Circulation
  • Instant Feedback
  • Lifestyle Education
  • Health Assessment
  • Coaching With Love

Knowing that EECP saves lives and health care costs at the same time, I have dedicated my life’s work to introducing EECP into mainstream medicine. I strongly believe EECP, combined with the patent-pending Sara Soulati Health For Life Program, is the hidden solution to fighting disease, including cardiovascular disease, at lower cost, without surgery and without medication or side effects.

I am working toward the goal of changing the health care delivery system of today into EECP for tomorrow.

Along the way, with patent-pending The Sara Soulati® Health For Life Program™, my goal is to create special communities worldwide in which healthy living and longevity are focal points. I will empower people to control personal health destiny unencumbered by insurance or the high price of health care.


I am a minority woman with high aspirations for world health. I endeavor to positively change the health care delivery system to make disease prevention the core focus. I seek to empower people with knowledge to become more self- sufficient at preventing disease to control personal health destiny.

  • By adding enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP®) to every cardiovascular treatment prior to invasive surgical procedures, we can positively affect longevity and help reduce medical costs.
  • By making EECP a treatment option for many diseases and illness, we can give people an opportunity to select a non-invasive health care treatment protocol.
  • By building healthy communities featuring patent-pending The Sara Soulati Health® For Life Program™ which is a proven lifestyle prevention and reversal of cardiovascular disease program combined with power of EECP treatments at the core to give everyone with the heart a change to Make Health Their Lifestyle. My wish is to improve life one heart beat at a time.


I am in the business of service and bringing hope with love to the communities of the world. I want everyone to have the awareness and choice that through a prevention lifestyle and eating a plant-based diet with excises combined with EECP is a tool we have to help us life the best life possible.

Prevention is the answer and we have the power to Make Health a Lifestyle™!
Sara Soulati