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Global Cardio CareSince 2002, Global Cardio Care, Inc. has been Making Health A Lifestyle™ in Inglewood, California. The center is a place to practice health every day for people interested in wellness, healthy longevity, and how to prevent and fight cardiovascular disease.

Sara Soulati is CEO of Global Cardio Care, and she is one of the earliest pioneers in the delivery of Enhanced External Counterpulsation or EECP. This therapy, which is FDA cleared, safe and effective in the fight against cardiovascular disease, is offered at Global Cardio Care Centers, the physician practice managed by Global Cardio Care.

Hundreds of people visit daily to learn how to become a champion for their healthy lifestyle. Sara Soulati innovated the patent-pending Sara Soulati® Health For Life™ Program, which is all about coaching, support with love, daily assessment and instant feedback with education.

People who visit Global Cardio Care learn about their vital signs. They learn about healthful eating with plant-based nutrition and more exercise. When people follow the patent-pending Sara Soulati Health For Life Program, they learn how to modify lifestyle and reduce risk factors for disease.ALT="Sara Soulati, CEO, Global Cardio Care teaches lifestyle"

At Global Cardio Care, you can get a free EECP session. You can dial 310-412-8181 to schedule a free session or learn more about the program.

EECP is a therapy that is non-invasive. It is often regarded as an alternative for invasive cardiovascular procedures. There are many stories about patients electing EECP instead of open-heart surgery. In addition, there are also many stories about reduction in angina pectoris or chest pain.

Clinical studies show that EECP is an excellent therapy for angina pectoris.




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