CEO Sara Soulati Asks You To Prevent Heart Disease

ALT="Sara Soulati, fresh produce, vegan nutrition"Since 1996, I have been forging my expertise in EECP one heartbeat at a time. Each day, as new information has come to me based on my hours standing at bedside listening and servicing people sick with cardiovascular disease, I have known that EECP is the answer to the nation’s healthcare dilemma.

EECP is not the only answer.

Heart Disease Is A Lifestyle Illness

Because I have been vegan for a very long time, and I use organic products and foods made originally in my kitchen, I can control the level of toxins, chemicals, white flour, salt, and sugar that goes into my food. (Can you?)

Each of these items in and of themselves are contributors in some way to cardiovascular disease. That makes each of them toxic to our bodies. That means, also, that cardiovascular disease is a lifestyle illness.

You have the power to prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes yourself. It starts with knowledge about your nutrition, and it also pertains directly to exercise, too.

I ask you to help prevent heart disease and cardiovascular disease by learning more about vegan nutrition and exercise. When you combine my program, the patent-pending Sara Soulati Health for Life Program, with EECP, you can start preventing heart disease today.

CEO Sara Soulati Tips To Prevent Heart Disease

Here are my suggestions to begin a healthier lifestyle so you can prevent cardiovascular disease now and later in life:

1. Stop eating white flours in your foods. That means white rice, white bread, white cakes, and even white cereal!
2. Instead of using boxed and frozen foods for you meals, purchase fresh fruit and vegetables with beans and brown rice. The processed foods you buy are laden with salt and preservatives. There is likely soy in the boxed foods, too.
3. Read the label for salt levels. Ensure the foods you eat are not packaged with extraordinary levels of salt. Salt increases blood pressure.
4. Eliminate sugar! So many processed foods have extra sugars. This includes beverages, chips, breads, cereals, and more. You can be more aware of sugar in foods by reading labels. When you reduce and eliminate sugar (because you’re going to eat clean, you’ll soon see how much better foods taste naturally.
5. Exercise! You don’t need to train for a marathon. Begin with 10 minutes of walking daily if you’ve never been oriented to exercise. Slowly build up your time and distance for walking so you can strengthen your heart. The heart is a muscle; it, too, needs to be exercised in a healthful way!
6. Meditate and de-stress. Practicing deep breathing daily and meditation to clear the mind are so important for heart health. Stress is one of those factors that contribute to high blood pressure, too.
7. Come in for a free session at Global Cardio Care and understand the powerful combination of EECP and the Sara Soulati Health for Life Program.

ALT="CEO Sara Soulati Method of EECP"What is EECP?

Enhanced External Counterpulsation is a non-surgical treatment that does not require medication. It is safe and cleared by the FDA as a device to help people with cardiovascular disease. When you come into Global Cardio Care Centers, the physician practice my team and I manage, you lie on a comfortable EECP bed. Three cuffs wrap around calves, thighs and buttocks, and they function like blood-pressure cuffs squeezing and releasing to help circulate blood from lower extremities to the heart and all organs. We have many patient stories on our YouTube channel, and you can learn more about EECP on the company website or here, too.

At Global Cardio Care in Inglewood and West Los Angeles, we have lifestyle coaches in each of our treatment rooms to help people learn about my patent pending program. The Sara Soulati Health for Life Program is a lifestyle modification and disease prevention program. Please give it a try. Fill out the form on this site, or just call 310-412-8181 and ask for a free session.

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